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About Last Night

‘Last Night’ was completed in February 2008. It contains one of the most ambitious continuous VFX laden 35mm shots (1min 43s) attempted in an Australian short film.

It was skillfully shot by AFI award winning cinematographer Anthony Jennings at Carnival Studios on 35mm using a 2 perf camera and anamorphic lens mounted on a motion control rig. A cliff top set was wonderfully realised and built by production designer Kate E Wills in a blue screened cyclorama at Carnival Studios. She more often than not used real plants including a real banksia tree (deceased at time of being found) that became the archetypal tree. All the VFX shots were supervised by Adrian King and all the post production VFX including compositing, CGI and initial grading were masterfully completed by Adrain as well. Post production sound and mix were performed at Audioloc including a Dolby Digital version for the 35mm print. Final compositing, grading and finish to HD international master were completed by Warren Lynch at Intercolour. A 35mm print with Dolby Digital mix was completed at Park Road Post in New Zealand.  

See following link for the making of the VFX shot by Adrian King:

‘Last Night’, Revelations Perth International Film Festival July 2008 (Perth, Australia). Australian premiere.
‘Last Night’, Rhode Island International Film Festival August 2008 (Rhode Island, USA). Academy Award qualifying festival. World premiere.
‘Last Night’, Long Island International Film Expo July 2009 (Long Island, USA)
‘Last Night’, International Film Festival Ireland Sept 2009 (Galway, Ireland)
‘Last Night’, Cantebury Short Film Festival Sept 2009 (Christchurch, New Zealand)
‘Last Night’, Cornwall Film Festival Nov 2009 (Cornwall, UK)
‘Last Night’, Radar Hamburg Independent International Film Festival Nov 2009 (Hamburg Germany)
‘Last Night’, Filmstock 11, Luton International Film Festival Nov 2009 (Luton, UK)
‘Last Night’, Mandurah Short Film Festival Oct 2009 (Mandurah, Australia)
‘Last Night’, Anchorage International Film Festival Dec 2009 (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
‘Last Night, Dam Short Film Festival, Feb 2010 (Boulder City, Nevada, USA)
‘Last Night’, End of the Pier International Film Festival April 2010 (Sussex, UK)
‘Last Night’, California Independent Film Festival April 2010 (California, USA)
‘Last Night’, Silver Palm, Las Vegas International Film Festival (Las Vegas, USA)
‘Last Night’, Silver Palm, Mexico International Film Festival (Rosarito, Mexico)


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